I should’ve known better when it was just one. A spare glance, a knight in shinning armor. You didn’t do it to set me free, you did it to trap me again. To hurdle me into a whirlwind of indecipherable messages, egotistical thoughts of love. I was with you when it died. When those lies took its…


I have not a thought, not a trace of anything on my mind. I feel as if I could form a trickle of cobweb, just a speckle of powder, land dust on my nerve endings to spark some kind of beginning. It would feel lovely. I’d imagine it would be breathtaking, if I could put…

Moonlight Serenade

    I need you most when the clouds are covering you. Thick, blanketed sheets of cotton erasing you from my vision. It is so lonesome here without you; although you are still there. I picture you wrapped up in the cosmos, smiling from that haven. Your rays bring me warmth. I long for the…

The Edge of Elysian

    Medusa lives in these trees she sings of this breeze cries with those leaves   The branches pick and they preen form shells around soft carcasses marbled and pristine   Crackling vines across rooted cemeteries   She exists between earth and sky water and hell vividly unseen


    A wild rose blooms in a bottle of darkness grass fields of shrubs perturbed by silence   There are no forms of existence   here


  There’s a stillness in the air that only comes when nightfall descends   All the birds are burrowed in their nests wind whistling rustling their feathers   Soft waves of snores hit your ears   And when the rain hits cars flitter by cracking asphalt beneath the tires like pellets of the ocean  …


  Little girl, you poor little soul   How hard it must’ve been for you to go on not being loved not feeling cared for   You gave the twitch of your smile the apple of your eye you gave it all away   And what did you get in return


  It’s a shame that you don’t love me like I love you. A misfortune for me, it is, more than it is for you. I’ve chopped up my hair. Went two shades of blue and green, one crimson and grey, light petals of pink to detach myself from you. I have become broken down…

freckled flowers

  There was a beauty mark on the edge of your lips it would dance as you talked   A slight swing to those hips that I wanted to trace with my tongue   You were made up of heady desire a lick of inducement   Conniving thorns wrapped up in your touch let me…

love song- 1

  I’ve been thinking a lot on love that four letter word   so tranquil in its language so heavy on your tongue like chocolate covered rose petals   it seeps from that sky holds secrets of the universe   It tastes of mirth   love outpouring vitality into euphoria


  There were clumps of sunlight clogged into your bedsheets. I remember when I first laid there. Stars atop your ceiling, and your heady laughter flittering through the sheets, licking its way into my lungs. I thought, perhaps this could be athanasia. You had the poise; with your all-to-knowing eyes- Zeus’s irises. You sat perched…

All Hallows’ Eve

  All the witches and crows are gathering do you smell that brew the hint of moonlight terror and spice   I look into the flames licking red and orange and let it consume me