Two Lips & tulips

  I would leave you with budding kisses springing up on your chest   I’d pluck each and every one   Leave you breathless   I would take my time darling peel back each petal until you unravel


    I can still taste you on my tongue   Thrilling drops of butterfly greetings right on the tip   You leave me bewitched impractically delirious compressed with fevers   I begin to melt

seedless buds

  I have been so empty nothing but a vessel a kettle for the pot   Did I ever have you?   A pot calling the kettle, he called me- frosted receptacles I am nothing but dust   I never had you

Deceitful Delight

  Do you know what it feels like to not be missed   I couldn’t even begin to trace the outlines of my sorrows   Those haphazard days   They were menacing my loneliness kept me in a freight   It shook me up made glee out of my grief   I miss that delight

Love in Different Times

"The course of true love never did run smooth." -William Shakespeare   Is there a chance that we will ever cross paths   Will I ever get to love you

from you, To Autumn

It is autumn now   The last time we spoke was when the summer breeze was still kissing the trees   Now they are dying their brittle dances wherever you are   It is just lively here   Those twigs have grown producing lilac and crimson petals that eat the ground up   You would…

Tangled Matter

  That vault was endless   An estuary of ravaged dust trickled matter   Painted properties that lined my sky   I want that shine


    I have chaos and bliss   I am a whirlwind a shell   I am controlled by time but I am timeless   Yet these shackles that are free on me make me crave obedience


    I am frightened darling   these thoughts terrorize me   beguile me   they are absolutely menacing

debacle times

  What time is it where you are?   Are you finding these days just as gruesome as I have?   Or are you welcoming them?   Do you welcome them as one would do a longtime lover?   Do you stare at that simmering sun or brooding moon and think up calamities?   I…


  I don’t think he ever knew what love meant. He could never even fathom it; taste it, touch it. That mundane little soul never knew what it was. Although, he could say it. I would watch him open his mouth, tears forming in my eyes at the beauty of that singular meaning on his…

What’s in a Name

    When you say my name it tastes of heaven   The word rolls on your tongue and curls in my mind   It enraptures me the sound consumes me


    I can see you although we have never met   I am in the words you speak the tears you cry   I am that bird that sings near your window   I am you darling every scratch on your skin every prickle of your nerves   I can paint you out although…