Month: October 2019

  • -1

        What a merry little time   Children scuttling along sidewalks with their eyes shinning kicking leaves and smiling sweet things wearing clothes in disguise   What luck I have to not have to costume my eyes   A pious soul I am for all hallows eve I do not fall ill to the […]

  • la fille aux cheveux de lin

      The girl with the flaxen hair I will rave about you from dusk til dawn   Bronzed and blinding the suns rays itch to be splayed upon you   I have never seen that ball as luminous as it is until he spots you

  • Poseidon’s Chair

        I have been a prisoner   A hostage making up eighty eight estates   I am well aware of my state   How you’ve chained me to this empyrean made a mockery of my fate   You are a fickle god   I don’t know if I would even call you one my […]

  • House of The Sirens

      The sirens are calling they are ringing and screeching piling on noises as they claw away at my soul   I had not a day of peace they tormented me with beguiling chants lullabies meant to frazzle me   It sent me on a haywire I could not sleep without hearing them feeling them […]

  • Ode to Autumn

      These leaves come down as if it’s snowing out here   I watch as the wind kisses those branches makes those fronds frolic with the pavement   They make up a kaleidoscope of reds and oranges purples and yellows they ring stardust upon my cheeks   And when it rains here it showers heaven […]

  • crimson blues

        Fate is a fickle god with her winding claws unruly tresses feeding off of your violations while lodging spoonfuls of terror right down your throat   You see she doesn’t care for the unequivocal she’d much rather shred you down- force you to grovel for your wavering   She has a cruel heart […]

  • The Rise of Éloa

        I could have loved you through hell when that high water sprayed you crimson and black   an open canvas for your panegyrical eyes fiendish smile   Those hands turned me delirious into something wicked a wretched string of malus tied flush around your body   I could make you crave that sin

  • Medusa and Herr Lover

        She had a serpents tongue ringlets of venom lingered off her lips One could have turned to stone if they gazed too long   But for me   I would have looked into the eyes of Hades battle mountains themselves just for a glimpse of those smooth emeralds   I had come to […]

  • chimes

        Loving you is like tasting spring chasing the wind feeling dew drops trace your skin

  • wretched sweetheart

      You are a danger to me you welcome me with warning shots   Blood curdling screams echo inside of plastered walls with broken palates on concave canvases   You are a threat to me with your pin shaped eyes and blighted tongue   I would smite that tongue

  • interface

      I’m picking sticking on pine needles   laying on evergreen leaves while the sun the sun sings to me   he trifles with me makes it so I won’t ever leave   he brings vitality breathes constant particles of life into me   and I’m growing flowing becoming rays

  • playing with fire

        If I look at the sun too long will he blind me? patronize me?   Or will he blush?   I reckon that those rays would burn me alive make me feel alive

  • breaking point

        it only rains when I’m feeling blue   that sky swallows me up whole and spits me out along with those drops

  • doll

    You must have been so easy to love   The way you let that man walk walk walk all over that pretty little heart of yours, girl   I had watched him do it he held you in one hand your heart in the other   Eight beats was all it took   All it […]

  • burnt offerings

    You told me you were leaving   I watched you pace that empty house   It was more of a vessel   A receptacle   It held nothing but twisted limbs and foreboding bodies   I had lost myself in that house   I have no idea who I am   But you two   […]