Month: September 2019

  • A Ballad of Lies

          I muse that you don’t love me when really that string touches all the way to Orion and wraps itself around Pleiades   I like to make up excuses for you say that you don’t touch me not like you used to but heaven weeps when your fingers lay over mine   […]

  • Ensnared in You

        You leave me breathless a mess   two sets of breathes   bounds totally boundless   You leave me perplexed

  • Fickle Matter

        I could have erased the stars if only you had asked make Adam out of nothing intwine balls of dust speckles of matter   I could have drudged you up myself

  • captured-

        You leave me miserable darling you have me grappling for air running ragged across floors   I would have hoped to not feel to not love these tears that anger me   Lord knows you could have loved anything if you it meant giving nothing   You hurt me your words, they wound […]

  • Nights Like This

        I often looked to the moon for answers   I would cry for her sing to her fall in love with her much like that luminous sphere did   She would comfort me on nights like this when she was sitting low and my hopes were high   Those craters would spell out […]

  • Kisses of Sunlight

        What does love taste like darling?   It tastes of honeysuckle touches snow mixing with dirt your lips on mine   Spell out the words for me    Lick your lips against mine   Give me a taste of your love

  • The Weapon of Tongues

        He tasted of red hot spice what Ares was made up of a touch of malice yet soft centered devotion   Crimson petals curled along his lashes spewed something cynical like he was untouchable   I could feel him throughout all seasons count my fever off with heat induced licks of his tongue […]

  •     Can you taste the loneliness that seeps off of your tongue when you speak to me or do you ignore it   I muse that you don’t even have the faintest clue of what those words mean to you   They hurt me more than they coddle me they are tiny fickle little […]

  • A White, White Butterfly

        I dreamt of a butterfly once with white wings and a cheshire smile   It beckoned me with slow flaps   I could have saw each flutter   It laid atop my shoulder with knowing eyes a forlorn smile and she said to me   You wish to be free like I wish […]

  • ghost

      There are ghosts that walk amongst this world. They are those who you’ve loved. The ones you have laughed with, others you have cried with. They are amongst this crowd, and it swallows them whole, it tries to refill that hole, but it is of no use. They will stay with you. They have […]

  • Nothing

      I have been trying to write all day, but nothing has come to mind. My head has been surprisingly clear today. I try not to force it on these days. I’ve learned to just sit and listen to my thoughts, and if nothing comes up then so be it. Although I do enjoy sharing […]

  • Sunshine Blogger Award

      Ah, I don’t even know what to say, I’m truly speechless right now. Thank you so much Kenya for nominating me for this. It means the world to me, honestly I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate this, especially having only just started this blog at the beginning of the year. I didn’t […]

  • Missing Daisies

        What does it feel like to be missed?   Is it like looking at the stars and they finally gaze back at you?   I imagine it’s like a four leaf clover wanting to be found how winter welcomes spring all the snowflakes kissing tulips   Do you miss me?   I like […]

  • A Song for Him

        He smelled like an Amy song coupled with shots of bourbon undistinguishable passion I think I might love him like one   I think I may have loved him with his tongue tinged in smoke and with his eyes lidded from poison he was no good for me   He was the one […]

  • mania

          Love is suffocating something toxic   It curls up like a pretty petal all laid out on display   Splayed like an offering   It beckons you with soft words clamant prurient   It drives me delirious   It’s pure madness clamors my head with hysteria   I can not breath   […]