Month: August 2019

  • Strings of Detachment

        I wish I could convey my feelings to you properly   Then I’d be able to tell you how much I loathe you how much I love you how much it pains me to know that I’ll never talk to you again   To have to see you with her and him traces […]

  • Song Without Words

        There are words in the wind little sonnets that I’ve made up just for you   It carries my tune my remorse and if you were to listen hard enough you could feel how I yearn for you darling   But that breeze flows past you it ruffles your hair kisses your cheeks […]

  • ikaros

        You make me feel as if you drudged me up from one of his ribs   Like I was the muse Shakespeare wrote about   He could have been that fucking sun   And I’d melt all the wax I hold in my feathers just for a taste of that luminescence

  • incubated metronomes

        Blue melts over the horizon drudging up golden waves stars lit over a dim horizon   Compasses that Chronos could never have marveled   There are hourglasses in your eyes minute little staffs cast over the dordogne   High supremacies that travel down to marvel at your worth   You are untouchable intangible […]

  • latent musings

        What did I see in you?   I saw every star over the dordogne in your eyes   You could have pieced together thunderbolts melded by Zeus set ice over Hades   You could have rivaled Chronos himself

  • // void

        darling I try I try so hard   to be accepted   into this world   that constantly spits me out

  • Turpentine, Watch Them All Consume

        I am a blank canvas   A perfect shell of Erebus corrupted with smeared shades of turpentine blunt molded holes erupted into sharp cloths   I am what you see when you are lapsed between the earth and Hades carefully captivated yet dulled around the edges   A caricature of melded pieces drudged […]

  • – – – space

        You know that feeling you get when you might be blacking out but you haven’t touched it yet?   When it feels like you can touch space but you can still taste reality?   You can still feel every stroke on your skin but it’s so featherlight that it’s as if you’re submerged […]

  • Complacent Mirrors

          You had eyes like the raging sea airy moons   It was either soft ceruleans or dappled iron   Freckles of speckled suns the orb of Neptune   Two hundred and fifty years until we are switched   A sharp crescent of Pluto is what you become   I still dream of […]

  • Taking Time

          I find that I have a lot more on my mind than poetry these days, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just what I’ve gotten used to writing. I just want to take this moment out to say that you’re doing good. I don’t know if you’ve heard it recently, […]

  • adam’s ale

        loving you   was like a riptide you could take me in and spit me back out   you only did what nature told you to do   and it ruined me

  • cirrus

        I search for you like birds do the clouds   With strips of noctilucence and bitters of cotton   I’d follow you on the mare’s trail

  • as-is

        Darling you propped my mouth open and fed me spoonfuls of saccharine lies   My throat would close up around your deceit but I would have loved to see that spark once more   Those obsidian eyes glowing red alight in your path for destruction   Full blown twisted seduction you had made […]

  • grapnel

        I admire you for those cunning claws that knit and pick on others   Little pinpricks are those claws   They’re diggers they devise storm worthy plans for those lowly humans   And they love you for it   You humiliate them scratch ragged lines across their arms   But they don’t weep […]

  • The Cessation of Zeus

        Life is like a delicate petal a fickle thorn   It will coddle you succumb you to despair like that reaper     Life is frivolous full of disheartened spirits humans that hold death higher   It is mundane   Lowly for such wretched mortals like us to think such things   But […]