Month: May 2019

  • The Face of Janus

        It’s easy enough to do it with a smile   A haughty laughter that sickens you but makes their faces glimmer   Produces peachy cheeks radiant with rose color tints floral shades   They convulse from their bellies   No matter how much your eyes beg for alleviation

  • love beyond the frost-line

        I was molded out of clay   You spread your hands across me effacing me   Smearing   Sculpting   You have made every past deed in my life your own   Carved your fingers against a three dimensional object   Formed our very own Big Bang   Copernicus systems meeting up where […]

  • Seven Colored Ash

            It has happened once a year every twelve years   Stoic years that have defined the meaning of my anguish   I had tried to talk to you   Stretch through the prickled dots that cloud my sky just to try to spread into yours   but my movements they were […]

  • The Sculpture

          I was made up what artists dream of   He once told me   His fingers slid delicately along my own as if he was the one who sculpted me himself   No bumps no cracks marring my skin   It’s just me what he has made me   Not hiding his […]

  • Queen Anne’s Lace

      How old am I and no one ever thought to bring me flowers? Not until you came along, you were the only flower I needed. A dwindle of shrubs, rough patches marring the earth scarring it with sandpaper meadows. Barley peeled back to show you what I kept hidden inside, what I was made […]

  • Sweet Bergamasque

          She was nothing sweet like Bergamasque   Could’ve had bits of Mozart in her sprinkles of Requiems yet she didn’t do it for the dead   She did it for the ones who couldn’t stand her essence yet craved her memory   A solemn treaty of sentiment   Words that could never […]

  • An Ode to Hades

    “Tell them that you weren’t hungry, tell them you followed the pomegranates seeds because they tasted like blood, like love.” -Pauline Albanese     You had the taste of lust written across your lips it was there etched into your eyes   Pomegranate shaped orbs that made me crave to pick that seed up and […]

  • Blue Mold

        This city is beautiful at night with the light of the moon bustling down below on you   Yet being so close to the clouds one can’t feel any of it   The people are so small taking their bags in tenfold like little ants are those specs of dust   The nightlights […]