Month: March 2019

  • Drops of Jupiter

    let’s taste it darling   put our passion together and paint red across the sky as you recount those same spells against my skin   until we can’t tell day from night winter from spring   that velvet tongue of yours could roll across me in waves of cashmere light me up like July’s sovereignty […]

  • Psykhe’s Plea

      You were born from the tips of a butterflies compass Systematic members that form a figure eight as you take flight   But you are paper thin   So thin darling   We can all see right through you To the spear that’s engraved into that heart of yours You would have thought it […]

  • Rose in Bloom

        Sweet words line your lips they’re laced with saccharine that feels like molasses as it goes down   I become entrapped   You’ve always had it in you that sick thrill   Your eyes would turn crimson the same color my cheeks would   I began to fall for that sting   Your […]

  • Requiem for Icarus

        It sounded like a calm day on the shore wind rushing rustling hair the color of classic films you’d feed me with breakfast at Tiffany’s serenade the moon to me with bits of passion I blush the same color as the setting sky and melt with you   It was the color of […]

  • Peitho’s Muse

          She kisses like an artist would   Meticulous with bits of the raging sea etched onto her tongue It would lap away at me just like that sand   and I could almost taste it   When she would hover above me Only she would be able to distinguish which notes to […]

  • Fairy Dust and Curses

        Her voice used to sound like a finely tuned violin Violent strips of Rachmaninov that we used to try and chose all night Those strings came up unmatched when she would laugh   It always amazed me how easily beauty came to her as if she kept it in her back pocket A […]

  • Endymion’s Fate

    My fingers were beaten grey and gold the same color of my bruises that you would prod at   You would feed them to me with spoonfuls of honeyed phrases they stung like a bee   I would get caught up in it My throat would stick closed   Eyes faintly drooped as if you […]

  • Daphne’s Revelation

        Have you ever been in love? It’s terrible isn’t it?   It grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until you’ve succumbed to the suffocating feeling   It takes and takes   Until there’s absolutely nothing left the same way you’ve started   You’ve fallen in love with that idea   […]

  • Alkali

    It was crying outside   Thick balls of cotton stuffed with grey weeping and weeping   I tried to reach out and touch those tears but all it did was add to my own

  • The Scent Of A Lie

        That red hurts my eyes   Blindingly passionate a touch of edacity   It sticks to you like those little insects inside of a web   A web full of lies   Until you get eaten up and dissolved   Becoming one with that rapacious desire