Month: February 2019

  • These Ties Unbind

      You had an oak wood bookcase that lined one side of your room but you kept books scattered everywhere some wide open others had bookmarks hanging out the end   I had no idea how she had enough time to get so many   They were arranged in a way of various styles colors […]

  • The Inferno

        There is something to be said about fear there is excitement there A burning flame that settles low in your veins it aches in your belly Makes you want to reach out and touch that burning ember   That inferno   Those amber eyes and that obsidian hair beckons you like the rogue […]

  • Tulips

    The tulips are too excitable, it is winter here. The tulips are strong this season Crimson curls at their petals dripping with sunlight mirth and cunning as ever I hated those clusters once before that putrid smell of fidelity that would seep itself into my pores it made me want to hurl I read once that […]

  • The Evolution of Stars

      Those stars were so clear in that sky   I felt like I could reach out and grab them and place them right in the palm of your hand that you hold so high to smite us lowly beings who look up to you   like the moon who looks for the sun   […]

  • Morose Trident

    The miles that follow through behind us drown me every part of me Poseidon once came down saying that my tears were too much maybe for him Athena was too      

  • The Downfall

    I know that I am falling falling falling and even as I am falling with twisted limbs and sharpened claws Rose petal lips that prickle my skin I am reminded of my inducement that comes to me in pairs How those alabaster wings now turn obsidian In the end I may very well be dragged […]